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    From Japan to the World. And the World to Japan.

  • Our vision

    BizzMuse is a start-up consulting firm focused on serving the comprehensive needs of creative industries (games, music, digital arts, design, fashion), IT and technology related businesses in the full range of the business cycle. With a core staff of experienced professionals and a team approach to most consulting projects, BizzMuse offers a more balanced and extensive quality service than many of its competitors.

    Global Innovation

    From Sendai to the World


    Our goal is to support Japanese businesses in their ventures in international markets, as well as international businesses interested in the Japanese market.

    We provide services to each phase of the software / media development, separately and/or as a bundle, totally customizable and client-centered, with focus is exploring a new international market.


    We are based in gorgeous Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

    Strategic Partnerships

    To Solve Business Challenges


    We offer several services for business owners to choose from, as well as trustworthy partners, depending on the clients' particular business needs.


    These include; but are not limited to: design, monetization, finance, sales and marketing, management, operations, market testing and analysis, business and marketing plan preparation, financial search and procurement, management development, market and localization advising, among others.

    All Creative

    In Business and Products


    We have a focus on creative industries (games, music, digital arts, design, fashion), IT and technology businesses, due to our vast experience of the partners in these areas.


    And we are open to all size of businesses, every phase of development and all kinds of needs and requirements.


    Need more? Send us a message and let's talk about your needs. We will surely find a way to support you and help you grow internationally.

  • Our Services

    We are a service provider company, specialized in creative industries (games, music, digital arts, design, fashion), IT and technology. Several services are provided, according to the needs and requirements of each client. All services and packages offered may be customized to each environment and situation.

    Consultation Services

    We offer several possibilities of consultation services, depending to the development phase of the products and services being exported. The consultation can be applied to Product Planning and Development, Design, Monetization, User Acquisition, Marketing, Financing, just to name a few.

    The main objective of these consultation services is to prepare the products/services to the target international markets, decreasing the risks and future costs, as well as improving the chances of success in these new ventures.


    Business Matchmaking

    We support our clients in the search and selection of potential partners, carry out preliminary negotiations about potential cooperation and, whenever required, represent the client in meetings and events.

    The goal is to assist the client in achieving their potential growth in the desired markets.

    Market Testing

    Entering a new market with no previous knowledge of its tendencies and reactions to a certain kind of product can translate into excessive updates and increase in cost, and, in the worst cases, failure in introducing the product to such a market.

    With a small investment, we provide the companies with extensive testing in the desired market and full report of the changes / localization needed to improve the success rates in such market.

  • BizzMuse News

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • Partners & Clients

    BizzMuse counts with several third party partners, in diversified areas, which can provide variable services, depending on the needs and requirements of the clients. Localization? Marketing? User Acquisition? Analytics? No problem, we can find you the perfect partner.

    For our clients, working with BizzMuse partners adds a layer of safety, as we select the partners based on their quality of service, portfolio, specific reach in certain geographical areas and liability. We also follow-up with the partners and clients, to assure the quality of services.

    For the partners, working with BizzMuse means opening new markets and acquiring quality clients, serious about their business and expansion plans.


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